Earn More FIFA 18 Coins with These Ways
Jul. 12, 2018

This month, FIFA 18 is in full swing for the 2018 FIFA World Cup held in Russia. To build the best team, FIFA 18 gamers are always playing hard for FIFA 18 Coins. With enough FIFA 18 Coins, you can unlock new packs as well as trade for other players. Actually, there are some ways to make FIFA 18 Coins more efficient. Learn the ways below, and you will find your way to earn more FIFA 18 Coins.

1. Play Ultimate Team Matches

Playing through Ultimate Team matches is one of the simplest ways to make FIFA 18 Coins. Not only is this something you’ll be doing anyways as you play the game, but it’s also going to be one of the most amusing ways to do so, as you get to enjoy all the great things about FIFA 18. It doesn’t matter which mode you’re playing—single player or online—so just hop into a game and start playing. You can earn roughly 2000 FIFA 18 Coins an hour just playing through matches, even if you aren’t winning every single one.

2. Use Coin Boosts

For some players, boosts may be a bit cheap, but they can really maximize the amount of time you have to spend playing to unlock new packs and players. Using a coin boost will allow you to increase the amount of FIFA 18 Coins that you earn each match which will make it much easier for you to load up on plenty of coins, allowing you to purchase even more packs and players.

3. Complete Challenges

Another great way to earn FIFA 18 Coins quickly is to complete challenges. These challenges refresh daily and weekly, so there should always be something for you to work on to earn even more coins in the game. Don’t sweat it if you can’t do all of them, as you’ll only be able to complete some of them sometimes, as some challenges may be too challenging for you as a player. There’s nothing wrong with that, and you should simply try to complete as many challenges as you can, as this will make things much easier, and add a good bit of coins to your wallet in the end.

4. Play The Journey

You can also play The Journey in FIFA 18, which basically allows you to create a single player storyline, and build up a character throughout the FIFA world. It’s a very entertaining mode, and it gives you plenty of ways to earn FIFA coins while also enjoying a great story mode. It’s easily one of our favorite ways to build up our coin wallet, while also having a fun time in FIFA 18.

5. Purchase from GVGMall

If you are sick of playing with a weak team but not willing to earn FIFA 18 Coins by yourself, purchasing coins directly from GVGMall is your best choice.With full stock of FIFA 18 Coins, GVGMall is able to delivery you different coin packs at low price but high speed. With the help of GVGMall, you will definitely have better playing experience in the game.