Games with Gold: Free Xbox One games update in November 2018
Oct. 29, 2018

Games with gold The free games of Xbox One will be presented very soon in November 2018. It is possible that the fans have to wait a few more days to know what will be the next step for the subscription service.

October is almost over, so Microsoft will probably announce the announcement of the big game on Monday or Tuesday. The good news is that, unlike PS Plus subscribers, Xbox One fans will be able to download a new Xbox One game later in the week.

Microsoft will share its games later this month with a monthly update for all Xbox games. Xbox fans can also expect to download classic titles.

So far, there was no data to suggest what Microsoft had planned for this year, although there is still time for a last minute leak. It should be noted that one of the November updates of Xbox Live is not associated with the free Gold Game program.

While free songs can always be downloaded every month, next month will contain something much bigger.

For those who do not know, Games with gold offers Xbox Live Gold Membership Key owners free Xbox games.

The program offers Gold members up to $ 700 in free games per month, says Microsoft.

Gold games are available to all Xbox Live Gold members, for example Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership Key, who can redeem their rights through the Xbox One Gold home screen widget.