How to transfer Metro Exodus on another gaming PC
Jun. 24, 2020

Anyone who plays the new Metro Exodus game on PC, because it must be played clearly, has encountered obstacles along the way. In addition to trying to stop their escape from Moscow, the monsters and mercenaries are also trying to prevent the PC gaming retail force from slipping into work in no time.


What if someone playsMetro Exodus on a laptop at home and wants to play games at work (for very professional reasons, like trying new gaming PCs and graphics cards, of course) without trying again?


You have to go back to the old way to find a saved game file and load it on a USB drive. We call it sneakernet. Different games hide their backups in different places on your computer. Do the following for Metro Exodus:


1. Open Windows file browser and select this folder: C: / users / [your account] / Saved games


2. Select the Metro Exodus folder located there (these are just the saved files, the game itself is saved elsewhere).


3. Copy, paste or drag the Metro Exodus folder to a USB memory. My file size was only about 25MB.


4. Install the Epic Store application on the second PC, connect as usual and download the game again Insert your USB key or download the folder "Saved game" from the original system and unzip it.


5. After installing the game, navigate to the version of the Games folder saved on this computer. Copy and paste the new Metro Exodus folder or drag it to the same location. When prompted, let Windows update or replace any file it contains.


6. Go back to the Epic app, start the game and resume your last save.


Yes, that is too much trouble and you are almost certain that at some point you will confuse your saved versions. But until Epic adds cloud storage like EAs Origin, Steam, Ubisoft's Uplay, or GOG, you can